Boys' and Girls' Games

Chandlings SportGames at Chandlings has developed immensely during the past few years. In addition to the pursuit of excellence, dedicated and highly qualified teachers and coaches many of whom still play, provide great opportunities for every child to be included.

Chandlings SportIn Pre-prep, games are used to develop the children’s physical literacy and movement. The emphasis is on the FUNdamentals of agility, balance and coordination.


In Year 2 games are split by gender and become more sport specific as the children are introduced to controlled competition.

All pupils in the Prep department are taught games 3 times a week and take part in a match. The emphasis is on fun, skill development and teamwork but within the context of a conditioned game. The pupils are grouped in a variety of ways during lessons to aid teaching and improve learning, but for team training after school they are coached in ability groups. The groupings are very flexible throughout the season to allow for improvement.


Chandlings SportsWe always aim to provide an enjoyable, challenging, positive and stimulating learning environment for children, providing them with the foundations to enable them to enjoy and fully participate in sport throughout their lives.

Our major games for boys are Football in September followed by Rugby, then Hockey and finally Cricket in the summer. The girls play Hockey from September, Netball after Christmas and Rounders in the summer.

Chandlings Sport Our more able players are expected to achieve district and county honours and the very best national representation. We encourage them to apply for sports scholarships to senior school and many are successful.

Every child at Chandlings is expected to be proud to represent the school because we are proud of their achievements in an increasingly stronger fixture list. We celebrate the success of the E team as much as we do the A team, even though the commitment levels expected of the A squad players are far greater.