Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular

   Extra Curricular Chandlings Activities Chandlings Activities

The extra curricular programme at Chandlings has continued to grow this year and it is now common for many of our older pupils to stay in school until at least five o’clock engaged in an activity.

 For Years 1-2 there has been golf, judo, world travel, archery, gardening and many others. Reception pupils have tap dancing, Lil’ Dragons Karate, Tri-Golf, tennis, horse riding and ballet to choose from. 

 After school there is a wide range of clubs on offer. Some clubs, such as ballet, work towards public examinations, others extend the range of sports on offer and the rest, just as importantly, are for the experience and fun. This year we have had clubs for those interested in gymnastics, hockey, camping, Spanish, golf, jazz dance, drama, film and newspaper, athletics, archery, French and many others.

 We offer a wide range of activities to suit all the children but now and again an additional club is requested and usually an enthusiastic member of staff will happily give up their time to help out. 

Chandlings Activities      Extra Curricular      Extra Curricular 

 Extra Curricular   Chandlings Activities   Chandlings Activities