French Department

Chandlings FrenchChandlings FrenchFrench is taught from Reception throughout the school. The pupils have two lessons of French a week, and all classes are taught by native speakers. We aim to make the learning of French lively, varied and enjoyable.


Great emphasis is placed on oral fluency but writing is gradually introduced from Year 3. Our teaching approach is to develop children’s linguistic competence so that they can use their knowledge with growing confidence. They can understand what they hear and read, and express themselves in speech and writing accurately.


Chandlings French

At Chandlings we take pride in learning French and we celebrate the French culture with different activities. We have for instance “Le petit-déjeuner”, a French market and we welcome the New Year with “La Galette des Rois”. There are Drama productions and French films as well as a Bilingual Club, but undoubtedly the highlight of the year is definitely the “Festival de Français” where other schools join us to perform songs and sketches. As one pupil in year 6 summed it up, “C’était fantastique”.


Year 6 have another treat. Every year the school goes to the “Château de Broutel” in Picardie where the pupils experience educational and cultural activities ranging from being “Envoyé spécial” in the local market to snail tasting in the Escargoterie!