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Mrs Christine Cook

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Mrs Susan Brennan


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Effective communication between home and school is a vital two-way process and takes the form of both formal and informal meetings and written formats. The Prep Diary is invaluable for recording messages to and from parents and teachers and is looked at in school and at home on a daily basis and is signed by parents and the class teacher, Head of Year or Headmistress at any time during the term, without waiting for a formal parents' evening as small issues are usually easily mended if dealt with promptly.  In the Autumn Term, after exams there is a short written report on all subject areas.  At the end of the Summer Term there is a final written report.

This website contains a significant amount of information for parents, and is also the means by which the school would inform parents of sudden emergency measures - such as the closing of the school owing to heavy snow. 


Deputy Head - Academic, Director of Studies

Mrs Fiona Love

Deputy Head - Pastoral, Head of Boys

Mr Andy Boyle

Head of Girls

Mrs Emily Brawn

Head Of Learning Support

Mrs Ginnie Davis

Senior Master

Mr Shaun Foster

Head of Pre-Prep

Mrs Maria McAloon





School Office

School Office


Mr Tim Verdon

Heads' PA

Mrs Susan Brennan

Admissions Registrar

Mrs Francesca Gentili

School Receptionist/Administrator

Miss Pip Sayers

Matron Mrs Alison Bromley

Domestic Bursar

Mrs Leanne Foster

Marketing Manager Rebecca Siriwardene

Information Systems

Mrs Laura Maskrey

Activities, Extra-Curricular and Enrichment

Prep Department

Mr Mike Clarke

Pre-Prep Department

Miss Chloe Sawyer


Director of Music

Mr Andrew Stratford


Head of Boys' games

Mr John Brodley

Head of Girls' games

Mrs Alex Druce

Heads of Year Groups

Head of Early Years

Miss Tracey Renshaw

Head of Lower Prep

Mrs Lindsay Dickinson

Head of Middle Prep

Miss Hannah Richards

Head of Upper Prep

Mr Ross Marchant

Leadership Team


Mrs Christine Cook