Exceptionally Able and Talented Learners

We strive to provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all our pupils. We differentiate children’s learning so they are supported within each activity, ensuring their knowledge and skills are extended, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Through careful monitoring and assessment we internally identify more exceptionally able and talented learners within each area of school life, whether academic, emotional, artistic or sporting. By identifying their specific strengths we are able to adapt our teaching to challenge and extend them through both supported and independent work.


The majority of extension work for more exceptionally able and talented learners at Chandlings is conducted within normal curricular lessons, ensuring that children are not isolated from their peers and thus missing out on important social and emotional development. In the Prep Department children are taught English and Maths within differentiated groups, allowing activities to be extended to provide an appropriate level of challenge for the most able learners. When appropriate, additional small group work may also be organised, in any curricular area, to allow more able, gifted and talented learners to focus on extending a particular aspect of their learning which would not be possible within a normal classroom environment.


The enthusiasm and interests of our more exceptionally able and talented learners are supported through our extensive range of varied extra-curricular activities. We pride ourselves on providing clubs and enrichment activities which will offer opportunities to extend all our most able pupils and our programmes are regularly reviewed and revised to ensure they remain relevant for our current cohort.


Wherever possible we aim to further enrich our more able children’s interests through a range of trips, competitions and visiting speakers. These vary from year to year, and are organised as frequently as possible to develop their interests in a large range of subjects.