History in our Pre-prep Department is usually linked to our programme of ‘topics’ for each term. The children in Reception are introduced to ‘Time Lines’. Year 1 children look at the way homes, toys and holidays have changed over the past 100 years.  In Year 2 children study the Great Fire of London and the life of Florence Nightingale. History is taught in a fun, interactive style with visits to places of historical interest.  The photograph above was taken at Sulgrave Manor, a Tudor house in Northamptonshire.

Broadly speaking, History at Chandlings in the Prep Department embraces the two thousand years of history in Britain since the birth of Christ. The aim is to enable the children to see how society has developed during that time.  Social history and political history are equally important.

Year 3 begin with learning about the Roman Conquest, followed by the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Year 4 start off by studying the Norman Conquest and its consequences. They also follow the other important developments in the Middle Ages which include the Crusades, Black Death and Peasants’ Revolt. 

Year 5 start the year in 1485 with the Battle of Bosworth and learn about the importance of the Tudor heritage in this period.    During the Spring term pupils complete their study of the Tudors and concentrate on the reign of Elizabeth 1. The Stuart period is scrutinised at the start of Year 6. Studies of the English Civil War link in with a visit, in costume, to Sulgrave Manor where the children experience the issues involved first hand. In addition they are taught about the first act of terrorism in the United Kingdom, the Gunpowder Plot. During their final two terms at Chandlings they follow a course on the two World Wars.

Children in our History lessons are encouraged to think for themselves, and lively teaching of this fascinating subject promotes lively debate and discussion of important issues amongst all age groups.