ICTChandlings’ teaching spaces are equipped with technology that is aimed to compliment the teaching and learning that occurs there. We endeavour to embrace new forms of technology in order to remain in touch with the trends our pupils are exposed to in everyday life. We have two computer rooms for teaching ICT and these facilities offer all subjects the option to use ICT during their lessons.


The curriculum in ICT is both practical and progressive and there is a healthy balance between the essential skills being taught and exploring innovations that interest the pupils. Our curriculum content is adapted to suit our needs and also recognises and includes selected components that are being taught nationally as computer science and computer literacy.


Specialist teachers teach in the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Emphasis is placed on the process of learning. Pupils are encouraged to innovate, share and explore their ideas in a secure and stimulating environment. Techniques are taught for applications which enable pupils to perform a variety of useful tasks that require them to employ creative and analytical thought.


By the time our pupils leave us they are confident users of various forms of technology and their applications. We want them to be ready for the challenges and prospects that lie ahead and for the expectations of their senior schools.