Chandlings LibraryThe stunning purpose-built Library is situated at the heart of the school and is much loved by pupils and staff alike. It is well stocked and kept up to date with both fiction and non-fiction. It supports the curriculum in all topics.  It is open before, during and after school.


Pre-prep children visit the Library once a week to listen to stories read by the Librarian and to choose a book to enjoy at home. For prep children there is an open door policy. They are positively encouraged to visit the Library whenever and as often as they like. The Librarian introduces the children not only to a wide range of authors but also encourages them to borrow non-fiction, either for their project work or simply to enjoy.


Prep children have a Library lesson as part of their English curriculum every 2 weeks. They are trained to use the Library and to develop research skills invaluable for their future studies. They learn about the Dewey Decimal System which will enable them to confidently find their way about any Library in which they may find themselves in the future.


Along with writing to favourite authors and following the Greenaway Medal, there is a Biannual Book Week when authors, illustrators and Poets visit the school to entertain and inspire the children. The week of events ends with a colourful Book Character Parade for children and staff alike.