Our aim at Chandlings is to encourage all our children to enjoy the many different aspects of Mathematics, to be prepared to take risks, not to be afraid of making mistakes and to achieve their potential in this exciting and multi-faceted subject. Throughout the school the children are encouraged to develop their mental arithmetic skills and to use the correct mathematical vocabulary, and we find that they quickly gain the confidence to talk about their work and methods at quite a sophisticated level. Programmes of work for each term are designed to cover different strands of Mathematics, such as Numbers and the Number System, Shape and Space, Measures, Money, Time, Problem Solving, Data Handling and Investigations.

A variety of teaching styles and activities are used to suit different learning styles with children working as a whole class, individually and in pairs or groups as appropriate. 


Pre-Prep Department
(Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2)

In Nursery early numeracy is introduced to the children through a range of fun practical activities.

From Reception up to the Spring Term in Year 2 class teachers provide a variety of activities at different levels to cater for the differing ability levels within their class.

In the Spring term of Year 2 pupils are organised into ability groups or ‘sets’.  



From this point on at Chandlings there is always one extra teacher for the Maths sets which enables us to organise the children into small groups allowing teachers to give individual children the help and support they need. Each set covers the same topics but at different levels to suit the ability of the pupils.  Class assistants play a crucial role in supporting and extending pupils in group and individual situations. 


Prep Department (Years 3 to 6)

Chandlings Maths


The children are taught in ability groups or ‘sets’ by class teachers (Year 3) and subject specialists (Years 4 to 6).

To continue the high level of support introduced with setting in Year 2, there is always one more Maths set than the number of classes in the year group.

The sets are very flexible and if a child is considered to be finding the work too easy or too difficult,  they can change to another set at any time in the year.  All of the Maths teachers consider both the ability and the personality of individual children when recommending a set change – we want the children to attain their potential and be happy.

Teachers and pupils are able to enjoy using some fabulous Maths computer software available on our school network, as well as Maths activities and games available on the Internet,  for demonstrating and practising mathematical concepts and skills, both on the interactive whiteboard in the classroom and on the computers in the computer suites. 


Year 6

In the first term and a half of Year 6, the focus is firmly on preparation for senior school entrance exams. However, in the second half of the year the Maths teachers are able to complement the usual Maths lessons in ability sets with a separate programme of practical, investigational and ICT activities, called the ‘Maths Circus’, also in mixed-ability groups. Each group works with each of the different Maths teachers on a rotation basis and experiences a variety of activities that are both fun and challenging, ensuring that they leave us with a love of the subject and the desire to learn more!