The medical room is staffed by a qualified nurse, Mrs Alison Bromley, until 17:00 daily. In addition there are a number of qualified paediatric first aiders available on site until 17:00 daily.

The nurse is on duty daily from 08:00 am to deal with all medical emergencies that may arise during a school day. The nurse is present and on the pitches for school matches.


Emergency Medical Treatment

We shall make every effort to contact parents if a pupil suffers anything more than a trivial injury. We shall also contact parents if a child is unwell.

On accepting a place at Chandlings, parents are asked to authorise the Headmistress (or an authorised deputy acting on her behalf) to consent to their child receiving emergency treatment on the advice of medical specialists; including a general anaesthetic and surgical procedure under the NHS, should the school be unable to contact parents.


Administering medicines and treatment during the school day

Medicines/ treatment which need to be administered during the school day should be brought to the school nurse. We ask parents to complete a consent form; this then enables us to devise an appropriate regime.