Welcome to the Parents' Association of Chandlings (PACH)

PACH was formed by a group of enthusiastic parents and teachers to promote a sense of community and belonging amongst everyone involved in life at Chandlings.


We aim to support the school and help families make the most of their time here, primarily by organising events for parents and children. All parents, guardians and staff members are automatically members of PACH. We take particular care to welcome new parents to the school, and aim to have a representative from each form to organise informal get-togethers and to be a voice on the PACH committee.


Social events organised by PACH take place every term.  These range from Coffee Mornings to Christmas Bazaars, Quiz Evenings to Summers Balls and many other events for parents and their children.


The PACH committee is made up of a group of form representatives and the following officers:-


Chair: Ellie Brogan


Vice Chair Prep: Alison Bromley


Treasurer: Guilherme Silva


Secretary: Caroline Cluley


Charities: Angela Plant


PACH Representative Co-ordinator: Gayle Bell


If you would like to know more about PACH or if you would like to be involved in PACH activities, then please send us a message at pach@chandlings.org.uk.