Parent Information

There is a Parent Information File in the school office.  This is available for parents to read at any time.
Parents can also log on to the Parent Portal to see the welcome books and letters sent out from school.

Welcome Booklets

Welcome Booklets are given out to children and their parents in preparation for the school year. These provide general information and details of the routine and curriculum for each year group.

The Welcome Booklets are revised and updated each year by the teachers in that year group, led by the Head of Year.

Beginning of Year Talks to Parents

During the first few weeks of the Autumn Term, parents of the different year groups are invited into school to be introduced to the staff of that year and hear about how each year group runs and any relevant information concerning routine, expectations or curriculum content.  We feel this is appropriate where there may seem to be significant changes i.e. Year 3 and Year 4 or where the parents may seek reassurance or understanding of their child’s day at school i.e. in the Pre-Prep. The talks usually run in Week 2 as follows:


A talk by all the Reception staff covering the daily routine and the curriculum in the Foundation stage. A separate talk introduces and explains synthetic phonics to parents.
Year 1 and 2
Separate talks given by the teachers of each year group, covering routine and also curriculum, in particular, Reading, Literacy and Mathematics.
Year 3
Separate sessions for Year 3 which include a general introduction to all the different subject teachers that year and an explanation of setting for Maths and Spelling.
Years 4, 5 and 6
Separate sessions for Years 4, 5 and 6 which include a general introduction to all the different subject teachers that year.