‘School Notices’ is an exciting, safe, secure marketplace where parents can buy, sell, rent holiday homes, find holiday work or advertise their businesses to an ever-growing membership of Independent School parents. It is free for all to browse and post notices, whilst providing a place for local and parent-owned businesses to advertise.  The Cothill Trust Schools have decided to enrol in this new, fast growing platform, joining the many other Independent Schools who have also signed up over the last eighteen months.
There are now well over 41,000 parents from over 340 different Independent Schools making the most of this fantastic website. As more and more schools enrol, this broadens the reach for those posting free notices or advertising and the site should also become a good place to promote any sales and charity events being run by parents.

To register on the site to begin to benefit from the various member offers click on https://www.schoolnotices.co.uk/chandlings.

School Notices - Chandlings