Chandlings SportWe have an unshakeable belief within the sports department at Chandlings that every child matters. Every child should be included to enable us to nurture them to achieve their sporting potential. The policy of ‘excellence with inclusion’ is very important to us as we fully understand that for some, just enjoying taking part will be a wonderful achievement but for others gaining district, county and national honours is not beyond them.

The broad and balanced sports curriculum supplemented by very strong inter-school fixtures, inter-house competitions and after school activities enables us to provide a wide range of opportunities for every child to succeed, whatever their level.

Chandlings SportThroughout the school from Reception upwards the children are taught by specialist staff. They all swim during the year and between Reception and Year 5 they swim every week. Games are an important part of the curriculum. In the early stages games are used to improve general movement skills, but by Year 2 sport specific skills are being introduced.

By Year 6 games are played at a high level in preparation for senior school. We fully understand the role Physical Education has in developing creativity, so gymnastics and dance are on the curriculum. Much is made nowadays about the fitness and health of young children. We take the sporting health of our children very seriously so every child in Chandlings follows an annual fitness training programme leading to athletics in the summer term.

The sports facilities at Chandlings are extensive. They are all fully utilised , be it cross country, round the nine hole golf course, swimming in either of the two pools, gymnastics or dance in the main or lantern hall, netball or tennis on the courts or traditional games on the fields.


John Brodley
Director of Sport