STEM Week started off with a fantastic assembly introducing STEM. The children learnt how the STEM subjects at school are used within some of the STEM careers. Parents in STEM careers were interviewed and shared their interesting stories with us. Another great assembly, which the children thoroughly enjoyed, was an excellent ‘Potions Under Pressure’ Show by Curiosity Box. We saw some interesting experiments with exploding rockets and learnt about exothermic reactions.


STEM at Chandlings Science STEM Chandlings STEM at Chandlings STEM at Chandlings


The Pre-prep children were treated to a session based on Money with the Mathmagician. The Nursery children were visited by the Mini Professor, wore lab coats and found out about chemical reactions.

There were two Science based school trips during the week. Year 4 visited Crocodiles of the World to learn about adaptations and habitats.They saw many types of crocodiles and even managed to touch an alligator, snake and tortoise. Year 2 visited Marwell Zoo and found about different habitats. Despite the rain they saw many animals including a tiger and kangaroo.


 STEM at Chandlings STEM at Chandlings  STEM at Chandlings  STEM at Chandlings 


There were some excellent talks and workshops run by parents and people who work in STEM careers. The children made some real satellites from a deconstructed diagram, they completed a grip strength activity, learnt about a project to clear up space debris, thought about fusion, Maths and engineering, found out about robotics used in the car industry, and finally Year 2 and Year 3 learnt how to code through a jam sandwich activity.

All children in Year 1 to Year 6 took part in the 'Big Science Event', a county competition run by Science Oxford. The aim of the competition is to encourage children to devise, carry out and communicate science questions that interest them. Pupils worked in small teams, in their Science lessons, to plan and carry out their investigations. Each group produced a poster based on their experiment. During the last three years we had the opportunity to represent Chandlings in the finals twice.


 STEM at Chandlings  STEM at Chandlings  STEM at Chandlings


Other competitions included a whole school Science Poetry writing competition. Also, each class was invited to take part in a class STEM quiz where they had to use their observational skills. The winning class from each year have won a picnic under their year group tree during the Summer Term.

The week ended with some pop-up STEM stalls where the children met parents who work in STEM careers and found out about Space and our climate.

A busy and fun filled week where the children were provided with some amazing learning opportunities.