Welcome to Chandlings


Miss Christine Cook

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Chandlings, a family school where children truly thrive.  At Chandlings, we believe in providing high academic standards within an exciting and relaxed environment.  We want your children to experience a wide range of activities and make the most of their talents, whether academic, sporting, musical or creative. Above all we are a happy school with happy children.

The Chandlings ethos is open and welcoming, like an extension to the family. Your children’s wellbeing is of great importance to us, with all staff ensuring their happiness through excellent pastoral care, positive relationships and enjoyable learning experiences. We want the children to be curious and questioning and to develop self-confidence, resilience, empathy and a thirst and love for learning.  We respect traditional values, courtesy and manners and encourage our children to challenge themselves to

be their best. 

We are extremely proud of all our girls and boys and warmly invite you to visit Chandlings, to personally experience our unique and welcoming school.


Christine Cook