Physical Education

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The Physical Education programme at Chandlings is varied in nature but specific, in that all the sports covered require individual agility, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and core strength.

Gymnastics and dance are particularly valuable because they allow every pupil to express themselves and to create their own sequences and motifs based around a common stimulus.  Athletics challenges the children to beat their best scores. It is not uncommon for those pupils who find games a challenge to excel in Physical Education.

By Year 6 all pupils in gymnastics lessons at Chandlings will have felt the exhilaration of flight into and out of a vault, the danger of being suspended from fixed and portable apparatus, the stillness of the balance and the use of muscles they never knew they had - as they travel over the floor in a multitude of unique ways. They will devise their own sequences but be given Olympic gymnastics moves as an aid memoire.

Chandlings PE



Chandlings PEContemporary dance provides the children with a wonderful medium for self-expression. They are encouraged to be individually creative but also to work within a group to interpret the various stimuli which are used, be they musical, poetry, prose or just the beat of a tambourine. They show their work and overcome any shyness to become confident performers.

 The teaching of athletics builds on the natural delight children take in running, jumping and throwing. They are constantly encouraged to beat their personal best score. It is a sport which is inclusive, even though the best represent the school. The highlight of the summer term is Sports Day – an inter-house athletics spectacular which involves every child.